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Inventors come from all walks
Are YOU an inventor? Have
Francisco Guerra

"A well-timed message of hope for the common man."

Every once in a while a reader will happen upon a story that grabs them by the throat and won't let go. We live for these stories. They are magical. Validating. Utterly inspired. These stories almost always shake us up, wake us up, incubate in our brains, and bear all kinds of fruit of the imagination. Riddled with lows reminiscent of Greek tragedies, and highs that are nothing short of serendipitous, Francisco's talent for overcoming adversity and his relentless pursuit of success is as heart-warming as it is inspiring, but more than that, it's a well-timed message of hope for the common man. And, as is the case with Francisco, the not-so-common man. "The possibilities are mind-bogglingly, excitingly and humbly, endless. And you know what, kid? So are yours."

"I believe that as citizens of the world we're all called to protect it and make it better for the next generation, but when you look into the face of your child, or any child, really that conviction takes on a whole new meaning. It lends a sense of purpose, of urgency, of responsibility. It did for me, in any case and, while I am proud of my success, the money and the things I've been able to aquire with it, my real sense of self-worth comes from knowing that I'm passing on this knowledge to my son, and to you." - Francisco

Sharing ways to build excitement for new ideas, is in essence, what Francisco is all about. So ask yourself, am I part of the blueprint for the future? For a better tomorrow? What kind of a legacy, ultimately, will that create? Help build a better tomorrow today! take some time to read this book, I can personally guarantee, you will find yourself inspired! - R. Batson

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LMP offers a wide variety of professional services to meet your specific needs. You will find everything from patents to email marketing, product development to web design, and all the services you will need in between. Introductions to our main services are listed below.


The Intellectual Property attorneys at LMP undertake responsibility for the protection of inventions and other forms of intellectual property. Each individual at LMP, Inc. has worked with start-up inventors, Fortune 500 Companies, and even celebrities. We provide protection, searches, prosecution, and litigation services.


When a patent is infringed upon, and a product is being produced or sold without the consent of the intellectual property owner, the main recourse for the patent owner is litigation. Patent litigation can be a long and tedious process. The Intellectual Property attorneys at LMP have successfully served dozens of inventors in this process.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Trademarks and copyrights are also types of intellectual property. Trademarks are granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, while copyrights are granted by the United States Copyright Office

Product Development

We understand the excitement that new product ideas can bring and can assist you with the steps needed to completely develop a new product. We can take your drawings and develop them with CAD engineering and 3D modeling to demonstrate how your product will look and perform. Furthermore, our in-house manufacturing facility can create a rapid or an ALS model prototype.


Once your product is selected, we can get it on the shelves. Our in-house manufacturing facility provides efficient mass production for a quick turn around. Furthermore, we have a functioning shipping/recieving system in place to deliver your product anywhere in the world.


If your product is manufactured, packaged, and ready for sale our seasoned licensing agents and executives know how and where to market and sell your product. We'll work with you to ensure that we have a full understanding of all elements of your product, to make the proper sales contacts, etc.

Public Relations & Marketing

As part of our comprehensive services, we offer public relations and email marketing. Our team of writers and marketing specialists can work with you to determine which publications best relate to your product and provide the highest return in consumer purchases. Press releases and email marketing allow you to provide your customers, subscribers, and followers with the latest updates about your product.

Not sure how to move forward? Give us a call at 1.256.789.0940

We'll speak with you one on one and you'll be confident in knowing that we have your best interest in mind.